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The Finest Audio System In The World


ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is the Spceialist Bristish Manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units & complete sound reproduction system, including relevent electronic equipment. ATC Designs & manufactures drive speaker units & systems to achieve levels of performance far in excess of the industry norm.

GTC CCTV Security

GTC tittle

MK Sound Home Theatre System


“M&K had to do nothing to change or improve their loudspeakers – they already did everything right – while others tried to reinvent themselves. Kudos to M&K Sound for being a true state-of-the-art manufacturer.”  - HDTV Etc magazine

Pioneer Karaoke Bird Returns

Pioneer 卡拉OK 强势回归,它們分別是專業卡拉OK揚聲器 CS-Z100,以及數字卡拉OK功率放大器SA-Z500,這款產品是全球首款相容了三種DJ模式(POP、HOUSE、HIP-HOP)的功放器。此外,先鋒還首次帶來了“KARAOKE+DJ PARTY”的K歌新提案,讓廣大卡拉OK愛好者盡情歡唱的同時,還能享受到專業DJ動感音樂的娛樂新體驗。